What Is IC Tray?

IC Trays are containers for IC chips just like shells for oyster.


  1. It is known as various names like JEDEC Trays, IC Trays, Matrix Trays, EIAJ Trays and Semiconductor Trays. It is used for IC chip container.
  2. Brand names are Samsung, Hynix, Daewon, Kostat, Peak, 3M, ITW Camtex, PCT, Fluoroware, R H Murphy, Shinon, NEC, Renesas, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Oki, Sharp, Sunrise, HwaShu, MS, KO, Sony, Epson and etc.
  3. We have two different processes. To satisfy customers demand we separate them into both for material and for reprocess. All of these are good to match your requirement for each purpose.
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